Listener Candidate


Allan Beek


Computer Engineer, Logistician, nature enthusiast.


  • Committee to Strengthen KPFK
  • Statement:


    Apologize to Gary Null. Invite him back. His is the favorite program, and top money raiser.

    Put humor in fund-raising. Comic characters, jokes, and skits will make easier listening, attract more listeners, --- and more subscribers.

    Replace bungling officials. Overdue audits have cost $ hundreds of thousands. We are spending money settling claims of unfair labor relations. Bunglers violate our bylaws, don't acknowledge newly elected Directors, even fail to hold elections.

    Build fellowship with our listeners. Have an e-address so they can write us with criticism, suggestions, and thanks. READ AND ANSWER THESE E-MAILS. We may learn how to create better programs. We may get an idea for a new kind of program. Friendship with listeners attracts more listeners --- and more subscribers.

    We must raise enough money to stay on the air, but we won't be a "rich man's station." We exist to nourish the culture and society of the people our signal can reach. 

    Computer designer for forty years.
    Incorporated "Health Care for All."
    Wrote successful slow-growth initiative.
    SUPPORTS Civil rights, CCL, Planned Parenthood, DISCLOSE, J Street.
    OPPOSES War, TPP Money in politics, Religion in government, Wall Street.