Listener Candidate


Ralph Hawkins


  • Insurance Rep for State of Calfornia
  • Union Steward
  • General Manager of college radio station


  • Committee to Strengthen KPFK
  • Statement:

    I want to help KPFK to maintain its primary focus as an independent voice for global peace, through its role as a workshop and outlet for local journalists and creative artists.
    I bring to the table (1) the ability to analyze budgets and estimates (2) a deep appreciation for the creative process and (3) a broad understanding of the challenges and potentials of new technologies. KPFK-FM needs a budget that promotes a synergy between the needs of creative talent and all the engineering tools that can be made available. I would like to see new and better programming choices, including restoration of the overnight schedule of Roy Tuckman.
    I served as General Manager at non-profit college radio stations KUCI-Irvine and KSDT-San Diego. Lobbying for funding and grooming leaders to run the various departments were my primary responsibility. I am a graduate of the Film/Video program at UC San Diego where I studied extensively in performance, recording, and the studio arts. 
    I have served as a Senior Steward and Bargaining Rep for SEIU Local 1000. I am a retired Insurance Rep for the State of California.
    I am a candidate on the slate of the Committee to Strengthen KPFK,