Listener Candidate


Sandy Childs


Writer.  Retired from work in TV and film production and development.  Administrates the KPFK pledge phone room during drives. 


  • Committee to Strengthen KPFK
  • Statement:

    Hi. I am Sandy Childs and I am asking for your vote to retain my seat on KPFKs local station board (LSB). 
    I have been serving on the LSB as a constituent of the Committee to Strengthen KPFK. We still have much work to. With your help, we will make the station financially independent again.
    And to do that, we need more time and more of our committee on the LSB. Change may be inevitable, but big wheels are slow to turn. And it has been slow going with many by-laws and board members and management who hold dissenting views from our own. 

    Dissenting views and discussion are important for growth. But, those views should not be counter-intuitive and counter-productive to the revival and survival of KPFK. And our adverse financial times at the station have shown their ideas to be dysfunctional. Austerity has never and will never be the answer. Pumps must be primed to function properly.
    Simply cutting salaries or staff members and using untrained volunteers, and airing unprofessional shows that no one tunes into is antithetical to our solution. We cannot beg for bucks every six weeks or so when we are not offering programming people want to hear. That has served only to shrink our audience. 
    We have to remember the simple formula: Build it and they will come. If we continue to give them superior shows and add new ones with the honest information they seek, they will pay to keep us alive and thriving.
    But, we must give them what they want to hear, not what we want to play. We must get our reputation as the unique, independent progressive voice of the airwaves of Southern California back, making people daily dial 90.7fm again.
    People know they can trust what our professional programmers say because they are not corporate puppets on a string. They tell the truth without repercussions. That is unique today and we just cant lose that. 
    In this insecure and lopsided world we all need to daily hear the voice of reason. KPFK should be the go to button on the dial for the thinking public. We need to produce the best and promote it. We should develop other avenues of revenue and stay current with media technology, as well, but mainly we must air stellar shows that people love and tell friends about. Word of mouth works.

    Southern California is a very progressive and diverse community of 230 different languages. We would love to address the interests and needs of all those cultures. But, that is a herculean task for us.
    First things being first, staying on air and attracting more listeners is our number one priority. Lets rebuild and maintain the integrity of KPFK and when we are secure, again, we can take it from there and build more. 
    Thanks for your help in our Strengthen KPFK efforts. I would so appreciate your vote for me and for my KPFK committee constituents. We will work for you.