Candidate Slate
2016 Local Station Board Election
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Please vote for all of our candidates. Rank then in any order you prefer. Do not mark any two or more candidates with the same rank, as your ballot may be voided.

We need to fill 10 seats and we need alternates as a reserve to fill vacated seats in the future, so please vote for all of these candidates, ranking them 1 through 16.

The order of the above list is based on their experience. Those who are on the board now or have spent time on committees are listed first. Of course, you can vote for the candidates in whatever order you wish. 

Please take the time to vote. 10% of the KPFK membership needs to vote or the election will be invalid. If you need help email

The votes will be counted using the Single Transferable Voting method, a complex system designed to provide greater diversity in elections. The sequence of your choices is significant in determining how your vote is counted.

You should be receiving your ballot soon after August 15th, 2016, either by regular mail or email.

You can read more information about the election and the candidates on our slate by clicking on the home button in the upper left hand corner of this page.

Thanks for voting.